If you are looking for a new challenge, consider a travel lab job in New Mexico. This position offers the freedom to work in different locations and explore the state. In addition to that, you can enjoy unique New Mexico experiences. If you are interested in a travel nursing job, check out the Cath Lab in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Cath Lab travel nursing job in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

If you are seeking a new career in nursing, a Cath Lab travel nursing job in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is the ideal fit for you. As a travel nurse, you will enjoy a competitive pay package and personalized client service from an agency that is Joint Commission certified. New Mexico is a beautiful state with an incredible climate and endless outdoor recreation options. The state is a culturally rich, mystical destination home to ancient religious and mystical traditions but also boasts modern, world-class hospitals.

Travel nurses in the Cath Lab assist physicians during cardiac catheterization procedures, monitor vital signs, and may perform CPR and defibrillation. A typical shift can involve up to 12 systems. These positions offer excellent pay, comprehensive benefits, private accommodations, and unmatched clinical support.

Qualifications for a traveling laboratory technician

Working as a traveling laboratory technician can be one of the best ways to pursue a career in the medical field. These technicians work in many locations across the country and earn higher salaries than their permanent counterparts. Traveling lab technicians perform the same duties as their permanent counterparts, including collecting and analyzing body fluids and specimens and performing diagnostic tests as ordered by physicians.

Traveling laboratory technicians can work in places where they already have family and friends or in areas where they have no family. They can spend the winters in the North or summers in the South. Qualifications for a traveling laboratory technician in New Mexico may include a high school education, experience, and professional competence.

An associate’s degree is the most common education required for a traveling laboratory technician position. Associate’s degree programs usually last two years. However, fast-track programs are available for students with other training in a related field. If you have some degree training, you can complete the program faster.

The average salary for a traveling laboratory technician

The average salary for a traveling laboratory technician varies considerably by location, type of facility, and experience. This career requires a high degree of education and good teamwork skills. Additionally, a traveling lab tech must have several forms of certification, including malpractice insurance and a state license.

In New Mexico, the average salary is $50,058. This equates to $24 per hour. The average wage includes a bonus of $861. This salary is based on survey data of employers in the state. Entry-level laboratory technicians make $36,768 on average, while senior-level lab technicians earn an average of $61,161 per year. Depending on experience and education, the salary can increase by up to 11 percent in 5 years.

A traveling laboratory technician earns a highly competitive salary. Despite the competitive nature of the profession, the need for medical professionals in the state is increasing rapidly. There are many opportunities throughout the country. Working as a traveling laboratory tech will allow you to travel and explore new areas. LRS Healthcare will connect you with an account manager and arrange for competitive rates throughout the country.

A traveling medical laboratory technician is responsible for performing complex tests. In addition to analyzing fluid samples, these professionals also assist doctors in diagnosing diseases. They must be able to match blood types for transfusions. They must also establish good communication with the physicians who order their tests.

In New Mexico, salaries for traveling medical lab technicians are among the highest in the nation. These jobs are often the first to know about new positions and pay rates. Some companies even pay travel medical lab technicians through travel agencies. If you’re considering a career as a traveling medical laboratory technician, New Mexico is the state for you.

Obtaining a license for this field is easy. Most laboratories require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED. In addition, a state-approved certification from the American Association of Bioanalysts or the American Society of Clinical Pathology is necessary for this position.

Depending on location and experience, the compensation for these jobs varies. While a medical lab technician’s salary will depend on the site and the type of lab work, it is essential to be prepared to negotiate for the best pay. Compensation depends on several factors: certification, experience, location, and employer.


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