There are many great cities if you’re planning a trip to Mexico. But the best ones are only sometimes the most popular. This article will examine San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Merida, and San Jose del Cabo.

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is enchanting with cobblestone streets and vibrant, colorful Spanish colonial architecture. Its 64-block historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the city’s Church of the Immaculate Conception (Las Monjas) is one of its most recognizable landmarks. Its walls are covered with elaborate religious murals dating back to the 18th century.

The local cuisine in San Miguel is delicious, and there is an excellent selection of international and local restaurants. You’ll find everything from street foods to gourmet restaurants. For example, celebrity chef Donnie Masterton’s The Restaurant is situated in a colonial courtyard and offers a menu of “global comfort food” alongside traditional Mexican dishes. Another fun place to eat and learn about the culture is Mercado Ignacio Ramirez, where you’ll find a wide variety of items and sit-down eateries.

Getting around the city is easy, thanks to the many bus lines. You can also catch a sightseeing trolley to tour the town’s main sights. A full-day tour takes about 11 hours and features colonial buildings, baroque architecture, and leading churches. After the tour, you’ll have a lot of free time to explore the town’s attractions, shop for souvenirs, or explore on your own.

While visiting San Miguel de Allende, be sure to visit the cathedral. The cathedral shared its name with the city’s towers and was built in the 17th century. Later, it was renovated in the 19th century. Its facade was inspired by a Belgian Church postcard but with Spanish flair. It is located in the city’s heart, and the interior is beautiful and serene.


The city offers plenty of things to do all year round. The city is also home to many festivals. In October, there is the Cervantino festival, which showcases cultural performances. This festival ends just before the Day of the Dead festivities. The city celebrates the grape harvest in August and September with the Festival de las Vendimias.

One of the city’s most famous sites is the Pipila Monument. This statue is giant and offers excellent photography opportunities. It was built to honor a local independence hero. You can see sweeping views of the town from the top of the monument.

The city is home to several museums and art galleries. In addition, it has beautiful green sandstone churches and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is something for every visitor. You can also visit Playa Del Carmen, a popular tourist destination in Mexico.

While you are in Guanajuato, you must visit Teatro Juarez. This 19th-century neoclassical structure is home to some of the best national artists. It features an ornate, art nouveau interior.

Guanajuato is the place for you if you are looking for a lively place to live and explore. This compact city is walkable, with plenty of cafes and bars. The main square is always positive, and buskers perform on the streets.


If you’re looking for a safe city in Mexico, you’ve come to the right place. Merida is one of the safest cities in the country and is a great place to stay if you’re traveling alone. Just ensure you stay away from South Merida, where you could encounter pickpockets or get mugged. Other parts of the city are safer for solo travelers, though.

The city is full of exciting sites and attractions. For instance, the historic Lucas de Galvez market is over 100 years old. You can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish here. In addition, you can purchase souvenirs and other items, such as clothing and shoes. There are also food stalls selling inexpensive meals, souvenirs, and perfumes.

You can also visit Dzibilchaltun, a Maya site ten miles north of Merida. It has a museum, a cenote, and a beautiful temple known as the Temple of the Seven Dolls. Located on the site of the ancient Mayan city of Tho, the temple is home to an extensive collection of traditional Maya carvings.

Although Merida is one of the safest cities in Mexico, you’ll want to take a few precautions before arriving. The crime rate in Merida is relatively low compared to many other areas of the country, so you’ll want to stay away from the high-risk areas of the city.

San Jose del Cabo

Known for its beaches, San Jose del Cabo is a great starting point for exploring other coastal cities. Highway 1 links San Jose with Los Barriles and La Paz. A new toll road connects the town with Todos Santos.

The city’s central Plaza Mijares, or La Plaza as locals know it, is a vibrant area. The plaza is surrounded by historic buildings and is always bustling with activity. The downtown area is full of art galleries and boutique hotels.

Playa Palmilla is a famous beach that is close to the city. It’s a perfect spot for a family vacation and boasts calm waters. It’s also an excellent spot for surfers. Mike Doyle’s Surf School is one of the top-rated options in town.

If you’re looking for a fun hike, San Jose del Cabo offers many opportunities. There are a variety of hiking trails, and the Parroquia San Jose church is worth a visit. You can even take a walking tour around the city center. These tours will tell you about the history of the indigenous peoples, pirates, and colonists who lived in the area. You’ll also be able to view the famous El Arco, the most iconic landmark in Los Cabos. There are also boat tours that will take you out to view the Arco.

While Cabo is a busy destination, San Jose offers a more laid-back atmosphere. You’ll find beautiful restaurants and historic colonial buildings. You’ll also find several art galleries and quaint cafes that offer tasting tours.

Oaxaca City

Travelers can visit Oaxaca City any time of the year, but it is especially lively during Guelaguetza, a month-long festival that celebrates Oaxaca’s traditional music and dances. There are many places to visit in Oaxaca City, but you will likely want to book your trip during Guelaguetza.

If you’re interested in art, you should visit the Oaxacan Museum of Contemporary Art, established in 1992 by the Oaxacan painter Fransico Toledo. This museum contains more than 5,000 pieces, many of which are created by local artists. The displayed pieces were selected for their artistic value rather than commercial value.

Food is a big part of life in Oaxaca City, and trying as many local dishes as possible is essential. The city’s many tlayudas, tamales, and elotes are must-tries for any food lover. There are many museums and historical buildings to explore in Oaxaca. While walking around the town, take time to try local hot chocolate.

The city also offers several beaches and attractions. Playa Carrizalillo is one of the most popular and has a laid-back vibe. Other famous beaches include Playa Principal and Playa Bacocho. You can also take scenic boat tours along the coast. Also, visit Monte Alban, a small archaeological site in the mountains outside Oaxaca City. Its ruins include temples and ball courts.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a tiny island that has tons of things to do. You’ll be spoilt for choice, from exploring ancient ruins to adventure underwater! The weather in this city is an excellent mix of warm and dry, and the temperatures are comfortable year-round.

Isla Mujeres is a tiny island, making it easy to walk around without feeling too cramped. The island is also home to some beautiful murals and street art. You can take a tour to see some of the best murals on the island.

The island is home to some beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Isla Mujeres is also home to some friendly locals. The island’s central coast, Playa Norte, is shallow and calm, perfect for families. If you want a more historical experience, head to Punta Sur on the island’s southern tip. This area features Pre-Colombian Mayan Ruins and spectacular views.

Isla Mujeres island is off the coast of Cancun and is a popular place to visit for day trips. Unlike Cancun, it offers a much more relaxed vibe.


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