If you’re traveling to Mexico, there are many things to consider before arriving. Taxes, Entry requirements, and Public transportation are just a few of the issues you’ll want to consider. Private airport transfers are also great, as they typically include snacks and beverages. They may also include accessible 30-minute stops to allow you to do things like shopping in Puerto Morelos or eating roadside tacos. The food you’ll find on the streets of Mexico is some of the best in the world.


If you’re planning a long vacation to Mexico, consider getting a temporary residency visa. This is a better option than having to renew your tourist visa over again. This makes perfect sense for border hoppers and other long-stay travelers. However, this new policy also affects first-time tourists. For example, a first-time European reader expected to spend two months in Cancun but received a card for just 21 days.

Public transportation

When traveling within Mexico City, public transportation is an excellent way to get to your destination. There are several bus lines, each with a different price. The cheapest one is the Metrobus, which runs along the main thoroughfares. Tickets are 6 pesos and must be purchased by tapping the card at a barrier. You can also pay with cash. Some Metrobus lines operate 24/7, while others have limited hours of operation.

A Metrobus system also runs every 15 minutes from the airport to Mexico City. These buses have reserved seating and audio announcements to help you reach your destination. In addition to the Metro, Mexico City has a bus network that connects inner-city neighborhoods with outer suburbs. Most vehicles are green micros, costing five or six pesos each way. Other standard vehicles include trolley buses and modern electric buses.

While there are no timetables or official routes, buses in Mexico City do operate around the clock. Be sure to confirm your destination with the driver before boarding. Although buses are a good option for transfers, there are better options than buses for late-night travel. Consider using light rail lines or cable cars.

Another option is to use Uber, which is similar to a taxi. The advantage of this service is that you can request a ride 30 days before your flight. It is an excellent alternative to the shuttle or taxi service, and you can use the app to schedule a ride.

Entry requirements

If you’re an American citizen traveling to Mexico, you’ll need a valid passport. You’ll also need to complete a health declaration form before traveling. In addition, credit cards are widely accepted in Mexico, including Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. For these reasons, having your credit card with you is highly convenient in Mexico.

International travelers with a long layover in Mexico must clear immigration and customs. They’ll need to fill out an online form. Business travelers will also need to fill out the form. This form is a good idea to fill out in advance, but it doesn’t guarantee entry.

Those traveling with minor children should know that entry requirements for international travel transfers in Mexico differ from those in other countries. Bring the child’s original letter to Mexico if you’re traveling with a child. This document should state the child’s name and the names of all parents traveling with them. You can also contact the nearest Mexican Consulate to find out more information.

To enter the country, international travelers must present a valid passport and flight information. In addition, you’ll need to present a valid tourist card to enter Mexico. This document is valid for 21 days and is required for anyone who enters Mexico between flights or before reaching your destination. You only need to fill it out if you stay for 24 hours.

Airport shuttle

If you’re planning on transferring to another airline while in Mexico, consider using an airport shuttle to get to your final destination. This service is easy and convenient. However, you should know the rules before booking. You should have proof of travel and a Mexican tourist card to prove your identity.

Many airport shuttles will provide free drinks and snacks for passengers. Some services even include accessible 30-minute stops. This will allow you to enjoy roadside tacos and a little shopping. This kind of food is some of the best around Mexico. Be sure to book your transportation service well to avoid disappointments and delays.

Another popular option is a private shuttle. These buses will accommodate up to 16 passengers and are based at the airport. They’re comfortable and provide free WiFi. Other features include air conditioning and working seatbelts. In addition, they’re clean and courteous. Sometimes private shuttles cost as little as $22 per person or $44 for a couple.

You can also book a shared shuttle through TransCabo, the first company to offer airport transportation in Cabo. It’s equipped with over 50 modern buses and has friendly, helpful drivers. The drivers will help you with your luggage and offer you bottled water. Depending on your needs, you’ll travel with a group of three to five people. You can also opt for a private shuttle if you’re traveling with a large group.


One of the best ways to save money when traveling in Mexico is by using colectivos. These are inexpensive, convenient, and can get you from one destination to another for a great price. Often, you can save as much as 50% on transportation if you know how to take a colectivo.

Colectivos are small passenger vehicles that serve the same function as taxis or public buses. Most have a sign in front of the car indicating where they are headed. They are ubiquitous in tourist areas and the southern part of the country. Unlike taxis, colectivos do not have meters, so you should tell the driver where you’re going before getting in. It’s also a good idea to write down your destination on paper or pencil.

Some of the colectivos are comfortable, while others are simply vans. Some people may be unsure of these colectivos’ safety and may be concerned that there may be people fighting over them. While I haven’t witnessed this myself, I’ve seen it happen a few times.

Colectivos have several daily stops, so it’s best to know your destination before boarding a colectivo. If you need to become more familiar with Spanish, you may need help finding the goal and figuring out the price. Luckily, the driver usually has a sign in front of the bus indicating which stops are vital destinations.

Private transfers

Private international travel transfers in Mexico offer convenience and comfort, alone or in a group. Private transportation eliminates the hassle of hailing taxis or hauling your suitcases on public transit. Some drivers will even monitor your flight and adjust pick-up times if needed. Although private transportation can be pricey, it can be a worthwhile investment, especially when you share the costs with your traveling companions.

Choosing a private transportation company is the best way to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. These services charge reasonable prices, are comfortable, and offer reliable, courteous service. Some companies offer extras like child seats and SUVs. A private vehicle is the best option for traveling with a family.

You can also book a private transfer from the Cancun Airport CUN. These services can ensure that you’ll arrive at your hotel directly. Many companies have 24/7 call centers and vehicles under five years old. In addition, each car has climate control. The world’s largest travel companies trust these companies. Prices listed on these websites are accurate as of the time of writing but may vary according to availability.


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