There are several transportation options for travelers in Mexico. These include public transportation, private drivers, and local colectivos. The choice depends on the budget and the style of travel you want. Hitchhiking is another option but is not recommended. Using a car rental is an excellent option in Mexico.

Combis and colectivos are cheaper options for travel in Mexico.

Combis and colectivos are inexpensive and convenient means of transportation. If you’re traveling in Mexico on a budget, learning how to use them can save you a lot of money on rides. The first thing to know is that the vehicles are usually minivans. These vans are newer and air-conditioned in tourist areas, while older ones dominate rural areas. However, you can still find “old-style” colectivos in Chiapas, Campeche, and Chetumal.

Buses and colectivos are cheaper than taxis and private cars. There are more than ten major bus companies in Mexico, and many smaller ones. Most have websites that allow you to purchase tickets online. Buses typically leave from the central bus station in a town. Often, these buses stay downtown.

You can purchase bus tickets at bus stations in major cities. Often, the prices for buses are as low as S/1.50 (about US$1) – depending on the distance. The most affordable bus fare in Mexico City is about S/1.50, but remember that they may need to be more direct and frequent. If you need to travel within a short distance, colectivos are the cheapest means of transportation.

Renting a car

There are several different options when it comes to car rentals in Mexico. Some are very expensive, while others are pretty affordable. Many promotional offers can be as low as five USD but beware of the hidden costs. Some companies will charge you extra for insurance and extra taxes, so read all the rental contract details. The most realistic price for car rentals in Mexico is around 40USD per day.

Renting a car in Mexico is a practical way to get around, as it allows you to explore different regions on your schedule. This is especially useful if you’d like to get out of the congestion of Mexico City and visit less populated areas. You’ll also have more freedom and flexibility to spend your time however you please, and you’ll be able to see many different sites.

It’s essential to make sure you have enough gas before you begin your journey in Mexico. Car rental agencies often have cars that have almost empty gas tanks when you collect them. Make sure you stop at a gas station first to fill up. Besides filling up, there are also roadside assistance services like Green Angels, which will provide you with assistance if you break down on the road.

Hitchhiking is not recommended.

Although hitchhiking is not a good idea for traveling in Mexico, it is possible too. There are many checkpoints for border control, military, and police personnel, and it is recommended to ask the driver for permission before you hitchhike. The personnel may ask you where you want to go and your destination.

When hitchhiking, it is essential to have Spanish skills. This is crucial because most people do not speak English, even in touristy areas. If you tell a few phrases in Spanish, you can communicate with people and make them take you to your destination. Useful phrases include “ride” and “aventon.” In Guatemala, you can use “jalon.” You can also say “Busco” instead of “autostop.”

Dressing appropriately is also crucial. A driver might have difficulty trusting you if you are dressed inappropriately. It is always a good idea to wear layers to protect yourself against cold winds. However, you shouldn’t wear clothing that will weigh you down.

Portugal is an excellent option for a Mexico vacation.

If you want to travel to Europe for a vacation, consider Portugal. Its charming cities and rich history are sure to leave you feeling inspired and excited. The Portuguese are also renowned for their hospitality, so you can be sure that your Portugal vacation will be an unforgettable experience. Whether traveling with your family or alone, you will want to make sure you pack appropriately for the location. Before you leave, make sure that you bring along a waterproof case to carry your toiletries, personal hygiene products, and other essentials. Also, if you have a menstrual period, you should bring a menstrual cup, which will take up minimal space and eliminate the need for tampons. In addition, you should bring spare sunglasses, contact lenses, and cleaning products for your contact lenses.

Portugal is relatively safe for tourists, and it is easy to make travel arrangements. Most businesses accept credit cards, though you will want to carry Euros in case of unforeseen incidentals. It is advisable to speak Portuguese, as it is considered one of the Romance languages and is similar to Spanish and Italian.

Isla Holbox

If you are interested in a vacation that is not overly crowded or too expensive, Isla Holbox is an island you can consider. Although it is not a big island, it does have some exciting attractions. No cars are on the island, and most people use bicycles or golf carts to get around.

Another attraction of Isla Holbox is its Whale Sharks. The species is often seen in the waters around the island during their migration. You can also snorkel with them. While you cannot scuba dive with them, you can go on a whale shark snorkeling tour. These gentle giants are friendly and do not attack humans.

Located north of Cancun, Isla Holbox is a great day trip for those looking for something different. It is off-the-beaten-path but offers plenty to do in three or four days. Depending on your priorities, you can swim with Whale Sharks in Holbox during the day and take in the bioluminescent water at night.

Isla Holbox is not a budget destination, but it does offer plenty to do for tourists and locals. The beauty of Holbox lies in its simplicity and natural rhythm. This island is full of art, happiness, and calm and is a great place to relax after a hectic day on the mainland.


If you’re looking for an alternative to the typical Mexican beach towns, consider Acapulco, which grew up around a bay. The city’s beaches are both plentiful and varied. Along the Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman, you’ll find several public beaches, some of which are pretty quiet in the early morning but busy later in the afternoon. Acapulco is also home to several great restaurants. One of them is Zocolo, which offers local entertainment and local food.

Although English is the official language of the city, locals speak Spanish. Some common phrases include hola, adiĆ³s, por favor, and gracias. Acapulco also has a good bus network, which makes travel convenient and inexpensive.

Despite a history of violent corruption, Acapulco is now a popular tourist destination. Its tourism board says 1.3 million tourists visited the city during the holiday season in 2017, an increase of nearly 33% from 2016. The state’s occupancy rate during the holiday season was 80.9 percent, up from 77.9 percent in 2016. Tourism developers continue to pour millions of dollars into the city.

Drug gangs are also known to target Acapulco’s tourist industry, which is why you should avoid residential neighborhoods when visiting. Stay within the tourist zones, and avoid going out alone after dark. Even if you’re traveling alone, be aware of your surroundings and stay close to your resort.


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