Traveling to Mexico can be a safe experience for many people, but some cities are more dangerous than others. While Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum are only partially safe, you should check the news for current events in Mexico before you go and only travel to places you feel safe.


While crime in Mexico is rising, Merida’s distinct atmosphere makes it one of the safest cities to visit. A survey of 131 people in Merida found that residents felt very safe in the city. However, it is best to avoid seeing the city at night and to stay in the city center. This will ensure that more people surround you.

Although crime in Merida is low, you can still expect occasional crime, particularly petty crimes. However, this risk is rare. It’s a good idea to avoid leaving valuable items in public areas and refrain from taking large sums of cash with you. Travelers should also get travel insurance, which can help protect them if an incident occurs.

The city’s climate is tropical, so you’ll find heavy rainfall during the summer, but this isn’t a cause for alarm. Rainfall averages 4-6 inches during the summer, and the wettest month is September. As a result, Merida is safe for tourists, but you should always practice essential caution.

The police in Merida take their job seriously and are dedicated to maintaining the peace in the city. They patrol the streets during the day and at night and will arrest anyone doing anything suspicious. They are not there to intimidate anyone but to ensure their safety. This type of police response is generally not present in other parts of Mexico and can contribute to poor crime rates.

Puerto Vallarta

The city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is one of the safest places in Mexico for travelers. It has a low crime rate, but you should still be cautious. There are pockets of crime in Mexico, including Acapulco and Cancun. However, if you take precautions and stick to the recommended vaccination schedule, you’ll have no trouble traveling to this city.

According to the U.S. Department of State, there are approximately 60 cases of monkeypox in Mexico. Although this disease is similar to smallpox, it results in milder symptoms and rarely leads to death. While traveling to Mexico, always remember to keep your family’s safety in mind.

Puerto Vallarta is a small city. While you should never feel unsafe, keeping your valuables in safe places is always best. Crime can happen anywhere, so always use common sense. Always use official taxis when walking through the streets, and never walk alone at night. Also, always carry hand sanitizer and a face mask.

Although crime in Mexico is still an issue, Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest places to visit. This town has a friendly vibe, but you should be cautious and use your common sense to avoid anyone who offers you drugs or other illegal substances. The city is also well-geared for tourism, so crime rates are much lower than in other cities.

Oaxaca City

Although the state of Oaxaca is safe to travel to, it still has risks. The form is prone to earthquakes, and many beaches are closed for riptides and dangerous undercurrents. The state also has a vast wealth disparity and is home to a large indigenous population. Therefore, it is essential to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

To keep yourself safe while traveling in Oaxaca, you must wear modest clothing. Though Oaxaca City is a popular tourist destination, it is still traditional and conservative. However, removing yourself is best if you find yourself in an unsavory situation.

While Mexico has a reputation for high crime, the truth is that safety in Oaxaca depends on the location. It is still one of the safest places to travel in the country. The people here are friendly and hospitable, and the culture and cuisine are worth a visit. It is also one of the most underrated places in Mexico to visit.

Oaxaca City is your place if you want a more traditional experience. The city is full of vibrant festivities, including formal weddings and calendars (giant puppet processions). The calendars are often accompanied by music and alcohol. The crowds can become disorienting, so keep track of your surroundings.


Mazatlan has many public transportation options. Taxis, buses, and Pulmonias are the main modes of transportation. Each offers a different thrill. Using a taxi can be more convenient than using public transport. You can use an app to book a taxi and have it pick you up directly from your location or meet you at a predetermined location. Uber is another popular method of transportation that is safe and affordable.

While Mazatlan is generally considered a safe destination, tourists should be careful not to make themselves targets. Avoid wearing jewelry and flashing large amounts of cash. Also, do not drink alcohol in public. By blending in, tourists can prevent being targeted by pickpockets, muggers, or kidnappers. Taking precautions before arriving in Mazatlan can help you enjoy your holiday.

While travel safety in Mazatlan is generally good, it’s essential to use common sense outside the resort hotel areas. In addition to being cautious, it helps to know some basic Spanish to make your hotel reservations. Additionally, staying in hostels is a safe option.

While there, explore the city’s beautiful beaches and cultural and social diversity. You can also visit historical sites. These are not only interesting but also safer than typical tourist destinations.


Although Puebla is among the safest cities in Mexico, it is essential to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. While the city has relatively low crime rates, you should still be careful and keep your valuables locked away. You should also avoid walking alone at night and never carry anything with you. If you feel threatened, seek assistance from a local student.

Safety in Mexico is an essential issue for many potential travelers. While the country is generally considered safe for traveling, many potential visitors are concerned about their safety, especially if they travel alone. Drug cartels and organized crime have been cited as some of Mexico’s leading causes of violence.

Puebla is a beautiful, historical city. It is 82 miles south of Mexico City and is home to beautiful Baroque architecture. The city is the epicenter of colonial Mexico and has a more relaxed atmosphere than Mexico City. Its residents are more traditional and place a high value on Catholic values.

Puebla’s historic center is home to over 1,000 colonial buildings and 70 churches. A cathedral designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito is also located in Puebla. The city also boasts several distinct neighborhoods. The Barrio de Los Artista is renowned for its arts and crafts. Another area worth visiting is the Barrios De Los Sapos (the Alley of Toads), which features colorful buildings and a lively nightlife atmosphere.


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