Mexico is home to a wide variety of beautiful cities, and many of them are popular travel destinations. From the scenic backdrops of the mountains to the charming little towns nestled among rolling hills, Mexico has something to offer every type of traveler. One of the most colorful cities is Guanajuato, which was the inspiration for Disney’s film “Coco.” The alleys and courtyards are lined with brightly colored buildings. In addition to the colorful buildings, billowing trees provide shade.

Oaxaca City

If you’re planning a vacation in Mexico, there are many reasons to visit Oaxaca City. The city is the capital of the state of Oaxaca. Though the name is the same for the state and city, the city has a unique feel.

The city enjoys a pleasant climate all year round. Temperatures in Oaxaca are warm during the day and cool at night. There are two seasons in Oaxaca: the rainy season (June to September) and the dry season (October to April). While the rainy season can bring heavy rain, temperatures stay comfortable. During the dry season, the city is sunny and dry. In the dry season, temperatures are the warmest.

The town of Oaxaca boasts many attractions, including museums, churches, and markets. The city also has plenty of history. It is also the home of one of the most famous coffee growing regions in the world. Oaxaca also boasts an endless supply of mole and mezcal. If you’re looking for the perfect vacation spot, Oaxaca City should be on your list.

The city’s historic center is easily navigable by foot. However, you might want to take a taxi if you want to explore the town’s surrounding areas. Taxis are inexpensive and don’t use meters. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi guide to show you the sights.


Cancun is a bustling tourist destination that caters to both tourists and business travelers. While this is a city that is extremely safe, there are still precautions you should take when visiting the area. Using bottled water is a good idea, and you should never accept the first price you are offered by a street vendor.

The city has a wide range of hotels and accommodations, making it a great place to spend your vacation. There are many activities to enjoy in Cancun, such as water sports, historic sites, and world-class entertainment. Even though it suffered damage from Hurricane Wilma, the city has bounced back. Visitors can stay in all-inclusive resorts and explore the city’s nightlife. Visitors can also take day trips to nearby Tulum and Isla Mujeres. You can also head to the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza, one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Visitors can spend their days at the beach, exploring the Mayan ruins, or exploring the town’s colonial past. This beautiful city offers everything a vacationer could want. In addition to beautiful white-sand beaches and pristine turquoise waters, Cancun also has an abundance of attractions, dining, and shopping options. The town’s air and land connectivity are excellent, making it easy to travel to the area.


If you are looking for a beach vacation in Mexico, you should check out Ixtapa, a resort town on the Pacific Coast. Its El Palmar Beach is lined with high-rise hotels and bars. It also has a marina next to a golf course. Its nearby attractions include a dive site called Los Morros de Pots, which is famous for its marine life. Another popular activity is swimming with dolphins at the Delfiniti dolphinarium. Another popular beach resort is Zihuatanejo, which has a laid-back atmosphere.

Ixtapa is one of the top vacation destinations in Mexico. It has warm water and beautiful golden beaches. You can also enjoy snorkeling, which is a popular activity in the area. It’s home to several corals and hundreds of fish. You can also find a sea turtle or two swimming in the nearby waters.

Ixtapa was originally a coconut plantation, but soon became a major tourist destination. In fact, it was one of the first places to receive tourism from the Mexican Tourist Board. These days, you can stay at top-class luxury hotels in Ixtapa, and enjoy the modern amenities and good services.


Mazunte is one of many beach towns along the southern coast of Mexico. To get around the area, tourists can take a bus or a colectivo (pick-up truck) with a large tent attached. These vehicles are inexpensive and are a fun way to travel.

One of the most popular sights in Mazunte is Punta Cometa, the southern-most point in the state of Oaxaca. It provides unmatched views of the surrounding scenery. It is also famous for its spectacular sunsets. While visiting Mazunte, make sure to take in the sunset from Punta Cometa.

The town of Mazunte is also a popular spot for whitewater rafting. Located near the Pacific Ocean, Mazunte offers a unique experience for tourists. Visitors can participate in a guided rafting tour through the region. You can also enjoy hiking or rafting tours in the area.

Mazunte has several beaches that you can choose from. If you are looking for a beach in Mexico that feels as if it’s been untouched for decades, Mazunte is the place to be. The town’s coastline is littered with beach towns, and its beaches are beautiful and inspiring.

Riviera Maya

With its many attractions, the Riviera Maya is one of the most popular travel destinations in Mexico. The region boasts several parks, ecological reserves, archaeological sites, and excellent hotels for all budgets. There are also plenty of activities and tours for visitors to enjoy. This area is ideal for those who enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water-based activities.

In addition to the many beaches in Riviera Maya, this area also boasts a warm Caribbean climate. Water temperatures range from 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year. This tropical climate allows vacationers to enjoy the water without the hassle of a wet suit. In addition, a rashguard is all that’s required for swimming.

The Riviera Maya area features a number of upscale hotels. Many of these hotels are part of the Karisma hotel group, which is known for its gourmet cuisine and upscale accommodations. Some of these hotels have special attractions, such as the Nickelodeon Experience and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles parties. Other options include Airbnb and hostels.

There are plenty of water sports in Riviera Maya, including snorkeling, surfing, and diving. The region is also known for its cenotes, which are sinkholes formed by coral limestone. The Mayan civilization relied on these oases for water and considered them sacred. There are over 6,000 cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula.

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is a charming town with a colorful history. The town has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its church and artisans market are filled with local art. Visitors can stroll around the colorful markets and find unique souvenirs to take home. The city is home to around 80,000 people.

You can also visit the nearby Charco del Ingenio botanical garden, which features hundreds of native plants and cacti. This garden is open every day, from sunrise to sunset. Guests can also enjoy environmental education programs and events at the garden. Be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen for this activity, as the garden is not very shady.

The San Miguel Public Library has a huge collection of books and films. Visitors can take refuge from the city noise in this tranquil space. The library was founded by Canadian Helen Wale in 1954, and began as a home for Mexican children to read magazines. But the library quickly outgrew its humble beginnings, and in 1958, it moved to a grand 18th century building.

The town is also well known for its food. You can find a wide range of different cuisines in the city. If you’re looking for a relaxing dinner, you can choose between a steakhouse or barbecue place in the country, or try something different like a gastropub style restaurant. Either way, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


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