There are many ways to travel in Mexico. You can choose between Combis, Taxis, and buses. Taking public transportation is a great way to see the sights and avoid the hassle of driving. However, keep in mind that you can’t go to Mexico City. Taxis can be expensive, so plan and have cash ready.


Taxis are a cheap and safe way to get around in Mexico. You can even use them for a night out. However, you should make sure you know how to spot a suitable taxi and avoid scams. If you get into a taxi that isn’t registered, you might get ripped off or, worse, kidnapped.

You should always take a local map and a data plan on your phone if you need to speak Spanish. Otherwise, try using an App Cab service, which uses GPS systems to guide the driver. This way, you can quickly and safely find a suitable taxi. However, you should avoid hailing unofficial green VW taxis.

While taxis are the most common way to travel in Mexico, there are other ways to get around. You can also take colectivos, which are shared vehicles. They are cheaper than private taxis and have several stops along the way. The cost per ride is usually around $2-5 pesos (roughly 10 to 25 cents USD).

Another cheap way to get around the city is to take a bus. Although these buses are not the most luxurious options, they are affordable and provide a comfortable and convenient way to get around the city. Depending on your budget, consider using a minibus if your budget is limited.


Combis are a great way to get around the city because they are compact and fast. These vehicles usually smell like gasoline and have loud motors. There are two main ways to ride a combi: sit in the front with the driver or “stand up” on the middle aisle and hold onto the bars on the ceiling.

If you’re looking for cheap transportation, consider taking one of the many affordable collections. These small public vehicles ply set routes and are of great value. They stop at lampposts to pick up passengers and can be flagged by waving your hand down the road.

Another inexpensive way to get around town is by taking a bus. These are usually minivans with fixed routes. They have lower prices than taxis, and they are a great way to see the city for a low price. You can also use a bus if you want to travel further out of town. Although buses in Mexico are often older school buses, they are a comfortable way to get around. You can buy a ticket at the bus station or onboard the bus when traveling by bus.

Another way to travel in Mexico is to hire a private driver. There are many drivers available through the Internet. The price varies from region to region, but you can find a list of these companies with a simple Google search. Check the local bus line if you plan to take a public bus.


When traveling in Mexico, one of the best ways to get from point A to point B is to take a bus. The country has an extensive bus network ranging from luxurious luxury buses to more traditional school buses. You should book your bus trip if you visit the country during the high season. During low season, you can usually buy a ticket on the spot.

There are two major bus companies in Mexico: ADO and RENFE. ADO buses are considered first-class and comfortable. While these buses do not cover the entire country, they are trendy in Mexico City and the south. Some bus lines are owned by ADO, while other companies operate others.

Buses are a cheap, convenient way to travel. The first-class bus is typically more prominent and has reclining seats. It also includes a bathroom. You can also board an ETN bus for the most comfortable ride. ETN buses are often double-decker and are very spacious. Depending on where you’re going, you’ll have various choices.

The best way to travel in Mexico is by bus. There are two types of buses: colectivos and metro buses. In Mexico City, the Chapultepec-Centro Historico route stops at major landmarks, such as the National Auditorium, while the La Roma route follows Avenida Insurgentes Avenue.

Can’t drive in Mexico City

There are many restrictions on driving in Mexico City. For example, you can’t go on Fridays. This is a government-imposed ban intended to reduce pollution. It applies to most vehicles, including tourist vehicles with a Mexican license plate. There are also some days when the pollution level is too high for you to drive safely.

Another essential factor to consider is the lack of street lights in Mexico. In some areas, there are many nighttime assaults. This means that it is not safe to drive at night. Additionally, several road hazards include pedestrians, animals, and vehicles without taillights. There are also few overhead lights, making it difficult to see potential risks.

Another essential rule to remember is to obey traffic signals. Many towns in Mexico don’t have two-lane roads. While there is a median on highways, many streets are one-way. You’ll also notice a lot of bumps in the road, called topes.

If you want to drive a car in Mexico City, you’ll need to obtain a license plate sticker that says “Mexico City” on it. You’ll need a valid license and civil liability car insurance. Also, you’ll need a credit card to reserve your rental and for any incidental costs. Debit cards are not accepted. Additionally, you must be at least 25 years old and have held a license for two years. Some rental agreements also require that you’ve kept your request for at least five years.

Need a visa to travel to Mexico

Knowing if you need a visa is essential when planning a vacation to Mexico. The country has high crime rates, and you may want to avoid certain areas. In addition, you need to keep your passport safe while in Mexico. Some places, like Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, and Puebla, are known for being dangerous. These areas may have strict rules on entry and exit.

You can apply for a tourist visa online. You must fill out a form that states your reason for visiting Mexico and the name of the host in Mexico. Whether you are visiting Mexico for business or pleasure, you must fill out the application before arriving in the country. You will also need to complete an online form to declare any goods you plan to bring. You risk being detained and fined if you are caught carrying undeclared goods.

You will need a valid passport to enter Mexico. A Mexican tourist card is good for up to 90 days, but you should have the proper documentation to stay longer. Once in Mexico, you must have a return ticket before leaving the country. Make sure you have your passport with you at all times.

In addition to a valid passport, you must also pay the government’s tourism tax. This is typically included in the price of your airline ticket, but if you arrive by land, you can pay the tax at a bank in Mexico. You must attach the receipt to your tourist card when you leave the country. Dual citizens who plan to enter Mexico must also show proof of citizenship to avoid being deported.


Traveling during the off-season is an excellent idea if you want to see Mexico at its lowest price. Prices are often cheaper, especially in popular resorts like Cancun and Baja California. Visiting during the low season can save you airfare and hotel rates. Also, you’ll find some fantastic deals on attractions and restaurants.

Most of Mexico is dry from December to April so you can enjoy sunny skies and temperatures around 23/75 degrees. There are few rainy days during this period, which is the best time for outdoor activities like hiking, ziplining, and surfing. Visiting during the off-season also means avoiding the crowds and the price hikes that come with the high season.

October is another popular time to visit Mexico. Temperatures are pleasantly cool during this time of year, and tourists are still trickling in from the summer months. If you’re planning to stay in October, you’ll be able to find some fantastic deals on airfare and accommodations. You can even lock in long-term accommodations at cheap rates. Many festivals and events are held during this time, including Dia de Los Muertos and the Cervantino Festival.

Cancun is one of the most popular beach destinations in the world, but it tends to be crowded almost every day of the year. This can be too much for those looking for a quiet vacation. However, you can still visit Cancun for a great price during the off-season.


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