Travel therapy jobs in New Mexico allow you to see the state from a different perspective. The landscapes are stunning, and the arts and crafts are diverse. The state is also known for its New Age connections. While working in a travel allied health position, you can travel to the Sonoran desert, visit Santa Fe, search for ancient artifacts, and sample southwestern cuisine in Ruidoso. No matter your interest, you’re sure to love working in New Mexico.

Average weekly salary for a travel allied health position in New Mexico

A travel allied health position in New Mexico can pay as much as $1,850 per week. This is more than the national average for Speech-Language Pathologists, who earn an average of $1,600 per week. While a New Mexico travel SLP job may pay at most $1,600 per week, the pay is significant when multiplied over several weeks.

In addition to competitive pay, travel allied health jobs in New Mexico offer various benefits and perks. For example, some companies will provide their employees with paid housing and retirement plans. Many travel allied health positions are advertised by Med Travelers, one of the largest staffing networks in the Allied health field. If you are looking for a travel allied health position in the Land of Enchantment, Med Travelers can help you find a job.

License requirements for a travel allied health position in New Mexico

New Mexico is rich in natural beauty, indigenous culture, and warm weather. A job in travel allied health with Med Travelers can provide you with competitive wages, the chance to network with other allied health professionals, and time off to explore the state’s attractions.

Many travel positions require that applicants have a license. However, some will allow candidates to apply for licensure. In this case, ACES will reimburse for obtaining the permit from the new state. Another option is to apply for walk-through state licensure, valid for anywhere from 30 days to six months.

As a travel nurse, you will work with different communities across the country. You will meet patients in various settings, administer medications, and perform routine tests. You will also collaborate with physicians and decide on patient health plans. In some travel nursing assignments, you must prepare meals for bedridden patients.

The salary range for a travel allied health position in New Mexico

If you’re interested in working as a travel allied health professional in New Mexico, you’ll be pleased to know that salaries for these positions can be significantly higher than average. For example, the average salary for a Speech-Language Pathologist nationwide is $1,600 per week, but travel SLP jobs in New Mexico can pay as much as $2,700 a week.

Travel allied health positions in New Mexico are available at several hospitals in the state. Eastern New Mexico Medical Center and Presbyterian Santa Fe Medical Center are some of these hospitals. These two medical centers are great places to work if you have the right skills. In addition, you can get paid housing, retirement plans, and full benefits. You can apply for travel allied health positions with these organizations in New Mexico and enjoy the incredible scenery and the friendly people.


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