As a travel radiology technologist, you’ll be needed for mammograms, which detect breast cancer at an early stage. Your work also involves assisting doctors during surgeries by performing imaging that guides them. This increases the chances of a successful operation.


Salary for travel radiology technologist positions in Mexico is relatively low compared to the United States and varies depending on location. A travel radiology technologist can earn as little as $3,036 per week. However, those with a bachelor’s degree in radiology or a related field can make more than that.

Salaries for travel radiology technologist jobs in the United States are increasing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this profession will see a 7% increase through 2029, faster than the national average. With the rise in demand, hospitals are looking to hire more professionals with advanced skills and experience. A travel radiology technologist job is a great way to earn great money while expanding your resume and crossing adventures off your bucket list.

In addition to salaries, travel radiology technologist jobs in Mexico can provide housing stipends. Most X-ray techs have a bachelor’s degree. The cost of living in Mexico is around 26% higher than the national average. This is calculated by averaging the total cost of transportation, food, health care services, utilities, rent, and miscellaneous expenses.

Education requirements

Most X-Ray technologist jobs in Mexico require at least a bachelor’s degree. Some specific education requirements are particular to these jobs. For example, radiation safety education is needed. It’s also necessary to have a BLS certificate.

The National Computed Tomography Certification Exam is required in many states. Once you graduate from your program, you’ll be eligible to take the exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. In addition, many states require that you obtain a license to practice as a radiographer. You’ll also need continuing education to maintain your license and ARRT certification.

The program includes classroom and clinical training. You’ll learn about basic radiation safety, radiographic procedures, and how to position patients properly for imaging. Clinical work allows you to apply your knowledge to real-world patient situations. It also exposes you to several types of imaging equipment.

To become a radiographer, you need to have an associate’s degree in radiologic technology and some job experience in the field. You must also be able to travel abroad. Most programs last for two years. In addition, you may need to learn a foreign language to work in the country where you’re working. And make sure you have valid travel documents to work in the country.

Some states also require that radiologic technologists earn state licenses. These credentials are valid for seventy-five percent of the states. However, they don’t automatically entitle you to work in that state. So, check with the ARRT to learn about the specific requirements in the country where you want to practice.

Job Outlook

There are a variety of job opportunities available for travel radiology techs. These positions typically have a low-stress work environment and excellent prospects for advancement and career development. Travel radiology jobs may also include a housing stipend. As a result, these positions can provide a perfect work-life balance and great money.

The average gross salary for an x-ray tech in Mexico is $326,243, or $157 per hour. This is 26% more than the Mexican average and includes benefits, housing, and transportation. Salaries vary by location, gender, and experience. Entry-level x-ray techs can earn a salary of $234,934 per month, while senior-level x-ray techs can earn up to $404,221 per month.


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