If you are looking for travel perfusionist jobs in New Mexico, you’ve come to the right place. PDC occupies a unique position in the healthcare industry and offers career development to its traveling team of twenty perfusionists. They pride themselves on their long-term relationships and have no preference for temporary employees.

UPMC Procirca

The Travelling Perfusionist performs a variety of duties at the various UPMC Procirca hospitals. These responsibilities include clinical support, extensive travel, and supervision of perfusion staff. Additionally, they must maintain proper patient care and follow all applicable policies and procedures. Traveling Perfusionists are also expected to participate in quality management activities and assist in performance improvement and education of clinical staff.

UPMC Procirca is currently hiring Travel Perfusionists. This position is located in New Mexico. UPMC Procirca is one of the largest employers of travel perfusionists. Travel perfusionists are in high demand throughout the country and may find their dream job in this beautiful state.

UPMC offers competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits. They also provide a comprehensive Total Rewards package to their employees. Travel Perfusionists must maintain a positive attitude in the workplace and complete various other tasks. For example, they must administer medications under the supervision of a physician and complete equipment maintenance checklists, assist in the evaluation of new equipment, and participate in an on-call schedule, depending on the institutional policy.

Allied health jobs in New Mexico

Allied health jobs in New Mexico provide excellent opportunities for healthcare professionals interested in a new career. The state’s pleasant climate, scenic landscapes, and native cultures make it an ideal place for a career in allied health. In addition, the state offers competitive wages and plenty of opportunities to network with fellow allied health professionals. Additionally, you’ll enjoy exploring the beautiful Land of Enchantment on your days off.

While it’s possible to land an entry-level position without a formal education, most healthcare facilities prefer that their employees hold a degree or certification. Professional training is necessary for many healthcare support jobs, and these programs are available in New Mexico. Below are some links to help determine which exercise is proper for you.

Average weekly salary for a Travelling Perfusionist

Average weekly salaries for Travelling Perfusionists vary across the United States. This is primarily because different cities and regions have various cost-of-living issues; for instance, in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, the cost of living is relatively low. But, if you are unhappy with your current salary, you can always look for a better job in a different area.

Perfusionists in New Mexico usually make an average of $5,300 a week. However, this may vary depending on experience. Generally, perfusionists who work part-time are over the age of 55. Also, a large percentage of them are married and have children.

Compared to other states, New Mexico offers the highest salaries in the country for this occupation. This state has the fifth-highest average weekly salary of any form in the nation. As with other states, wages can vary depending on location, skill, and experience.

The 2015 Perfusionist Salary Study was based on verified salary data from multiple types of employers. It included hospitals, perfusion groups, and small businesses that operate as staffing providers. The researchers gained valuable insight and found a few areas for expansion and improvement in this field.

If you have the experience and the skills necessary to become a perfusionist, you may earn more than $150K per year. In addition, if you are CCP certified, you could earn over $160,000 annually. In addition, perfusionists may also work as part of an advanced heart team. In this role, they help the anesthesiologist, and the physician provides care during the perioperative period. They may also conduct diagnostic tests on patients based on specific medical conditions.

The salary for this profession has increased in recent years. A traveling perfusionist makes between USD 148,000 and USD 208,000 a week. The job demands extensive travel, so traveling perfusionists must be flexible and have the proper credentials in each location.

The research team recruited 481 respondents to the survey and validated income information for 287 respondents. This sample size was statistically representative of the perfusionist population nationwide, with a margin of error of 5.79% points at the 90% confidence level. However, the researchers encountered some challenges during data collection. Participants initially did not feel comfortable sharing their pay stubs. As a result, the researchers had to wait a year before obtaining adequate survey responses.

In addition to analyzing the pay scale, the study also included information about attrition. About a third of respondents said they were retiring in the next decade. This indicates a high demand for perfusionists, and higher wages are expected.


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