Travel MRI Technologist Jobs in New Mexico

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Travel MRI Technologist jobs in New Mexico can pay up to $2250 per week. With many hospitals in the state, this is a great way to earn a competitive salary. In addition to the potential to travel, this position also offers an excellent benefits package.

Average weekly salary for a Travel MRI Technologist in Albuquerque

The average annual compensation for MRI technologists is $78K. The pay range is from $60,550 to $100,020. There are about 36,600 MRI technologists in the United States. The job market is expected to grow by 13.4% between 2016 and 2020.

There are many ways to raise MRI technologists’ salaries. One way is to move to a different employer that offers higher pay. Another way is to get an advanced degree or gain more experience. MRI technologists with management experience typically earn more than those with junior experience.

Travel MRI jobs provide excellent career opportunities and great benefits. In addition to great pay, you’ll be able to work in cutting-edge facilities. This job typically pays between $2,000 and $3,000 per week. It also includes a 401k/retirement savings plan, day-one medical insurance, and other benefits.

Salaries for MRI technologist positions in Albuquerque, NM, vary widely. In New Mexico, the average travel radiologic technologist makes $31,748, but the exact amount depends on the experience and skill level of the traveler. To find the right job, use ZipRecruiter, an online career site that monitors the travel radiologic technologist job market.

Average weekly salary for a Travel Allied Health position with Club Staffing

Traveling allied health professionals can expect to make a good salary. They will enjoy good day-to-day benefits and the flexibility of working at different locations. Additionally, traveling allied health professionals can bring their entire families along.

Travel allied health professionals are often paid more than those in permanent positions. For example, a traveling speech therapist will average $1,195 per week, and a travel CT tech will make between $1,300 and $1,550 per week. Additionally, traveling phlebotomists can make up to $1,200 per week.

As a travel allied health professional, you can transform lives across the United States. Traveling allied health jobs are widely available and are a fantastic opportunity for health professionals who want to give back to their communities. With the country’s largest database of travel jobs, Club Staffing can help you find the ideal travel allied health job.

Travel allied health positions are significant for those who love to travel. This job allows healthcare professionals to work in places they’ve always wanted to visit. And it gives them the freedom to work from anywhere in the country. The average weekly salary for a Travel Allied Health position with Club Staffing is $785, which is more than enough to cover expenses.

Allied health travelers are critical for healthcare facilities. They are needed to fill many urgent needs at healthcare facilities across the country. They can work in laboratories, surgery centers, hospitals, and medical clinics. They are paid top dollar and receive full benefits.

Club Staffing pays hourly and reimburses for incidental and meal expenses. Employees also receive reimbursements for housing and meal expenses. The company also provides excellent support for its traveling team. In addition, Club Staffing is ranked among the Best Companies to Work For in Florida.

Benefits of a travel allied health position with Club Staffing

Traveling for allied health positions can significantly enhance your resume and experience a new healthcare setting. It can also give you an edge over your competition. These positions are often temporary and can be found in physician offices and outpatient clinics. For example, you may work in a radiology lab or perform medical imaging. Or you might work with patients who need speech, occupational, or physical therapy.

North Carolina has much to offer allied health professionals as one of the most progressive states in the south. Its coastal cities and creative hubs are home to various interesting people. There are also some stunning, unspoiled beaches. In your free time, you can hit the clubs in Charlotte or enjoy brunches in Raleigh. This city is also perfect for sports enthusiasts.

Travel allied health positions with Club Staffing offer access to exclusive travel jobs in locations all over Nevada. This means that you’ll be working with some of the best teams in the industry, and you’ll enjoy all of the benefits that come with them. Whether a nurse or an RN, you’ll work in an ideal professional development environment.

As a member of one of the largest staffing networks in the Allied healthcare field, Club Staffing offers comprehensive compensation packages. In addition to a competitive salary, Club Staffing also provides free private housing, 401(k) retirement plans, free continuing education, and health benefits.

Travel recruiters have relationships with hiring managers across the country, allowing them to be aware of new opportunities before they reach the general public. These relationships make it possible for allied health candidates to get first dibs on the best positions in the country. By partnering with travel recruiters, you can be sure that you’ll be matched with the correct position.

Retirement planning options are one of the most popular areas of recent travel-allied health benefit improvements. Leading travel companies have realized the importance of treating clinicians as long-term employees and providing them with 401(k) plans. As a member of a 401(k) plan, you can contribute up to $17,500 annually tax-free. Additionally, travelers over the age of 50 years can contribute as much as $23,000 annually.

Traveling as an allied health professional gives you flexibility in working in a variety of healthcare settings. You can work at community hospitals or top teaching hospitals. Moreover, many of these jobs do not require certification or licensure. These jobs are advantageous.

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