A travel med-Surg nurse job in New Mexico could be perfect if you love mountains and beautiful landscapes. The state is full of interesting historical monuments and festivals, and there are a variety of locations for you to choose from. There is plenty to see and do in different cities, from the ancient Aztecs to the modern Silver City. The main metropolitan area is located around Albuquerque, which offers plenty of opportunities for city life and festivals. Travel nurses will also enjoy the mountain views and other attractions.


Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a beautiful city with many travel nursing jobs. This state’s largest city offers 310 days of sunshine each year and plenty of outdoor activities, like hiking and camping. The town also boasts 19 museums, which makes it a great place to explore.

The state’s capital, Santa Fe, is one of the oldest cities in North America. It is also home to beautiful parks and recreational areas. Hikers will love the White Sands National Monument, while nature lovers can enjoy the Albuquerque Biological Park. And if you love balloons, you can visit the International Balloon Festival.

The average salary for Travel Med Surg nurse jobs in Albuquerque is $2,595 per week, with some opportunities paying up to $3,670 per week. There are several travel med Surg nurse jobs in Albuquerque, including positions with Presbyterian Hospital, Alta Vista Regional Hospital, and Lovelace Women’s Hospital.


There are several significant opportunities in Taos if you’re looking for a new travel med Surg nurse job. Focus Staff is seeking RNs with experience in labor and delivery, and Soliant Health is seeking an Operating Room RN. The company is offering quick interviews to those interested in the position.

Surgical nurse jobs in Taos, New Mexico, are rare, but they do exist. While there may be fewer openings than you’d like, there are several places where you can find these opportunities. Sign up for job alerts to be notified about new beginnings, or search for a specific specialty.

New Mexico is an excellent choice if you want to live in a small town. It’s a charming mix of historic haunts, cultural gems, and urban centers. Each city offers a different experience. There are quiet artist enclaves for free spirits, while urban areas boast trendy restaurants and shows. No matter where you’d like to live, New Mexico will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Santa Fe

Travel med-Surg nurse jobs in Santa Fe, Mexico, offer exciting opportunities for qualified nurses to travel to exotic locations. The weather in Santa Fe is mild year-round, with temperatures ranging from 100 degrees in summer to a comfortable mid-40s during winter. The area is also home to several seasonal residents who come to enjoy the sunshine. In addition to a warm climate, the town is also home to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, which provide opportunities for skiing and snowboarding during winter.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the state capital and the oldest city in North America. Known for its art and culture, this state capital has plenty to offer its visitors. There are several parks, hiking trails, and recreational opportunities. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the White Sands National Monument and enjoy the Albuquerque Biological Park. Visitors to Santa Fe can also experience the International Balloon Festival, held annually in the open sky.

Travel medsurg nurse jobs in Santa Fe, Mexico, are available through various agencies. FORTUS HEALTHCARE RESOURCES seeks out travel medsurg nurses and treats them like family. This agency offers free housing and comprehensive health insurance for employees and dependents. Other options include PRIME HEALTHCARE STAFFING.

Taos Pueblo

Taos is home to 97 Travel Nurse jobs. Travel Nursing is an excellent option if you are interested in pursuing a new medical career. These positions allow you to work in a unique setting and experience a different culture. The tasks you’ll be performing as a Travel Nurse typically involve treating the sick and injured while maintaining a high standard of professionalism.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Taos, including the culture and natural beauty of the area. The area is also home to Giggling Springs, which offers hot spring mineral baths. The water in these hot springs is heated to 102 degrees and contains therapeutic minerals.

Taos Canyon

If you are interested in a career as a travel med Surg nurse, you might be interested in exploring a position in Taos Canyon. This town is home to several medical facilities, and you might consider applying for a job at one of these facilities.

While you may not be able to work as a permanent nurse in Taos Canyon, New Mexico, you can still find various other jobs. For example, numerous travel nurse positions are available for registered nurses who want to work in the area. Many of these positions are at a hospital or clinic.

This part of New Mexico is home to numerous events, markets, and historical monuments. You can see a range of cultural traditions here, from the Aztecs to the Silver City. In addition to the many cultural attractions, the state has a vibrant city life. There are many museums and festivals to visit in Central New Mexico. This is also a good choice if you love the outdoors and mountains.

Natural healing powers of the springs

Natural hot springs are a natural attraction for travelers to New Mexico. The waters of these hot springs are known for their relaxing and healing properties. Aside from the natural healing powers of the springs, New Mexico is rich in history and culture. Its old mining towns, civil war battlefields, and many museums and state parks provide a variety of exciting things to do. For those looking for something a little more unusual, visit the alleged UFO sighting town of Roswell.


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