You have many choices if you’re looking for a job in New Mexico. Many travel home health agencies need RNs for a variety of specialty areas. You may be interested in a labor and delivery position or emergency room care. Other companies may need someone to provide medical-surgical care. For more information about these positions, please read on. There are many benefits to working in home health care, so consider these in your job search.


The oversupply of RNs in Mexico is one of the country’s biggest problems. There are more RNs than jobs for them, meaning there’s a high risk of being rejected for a specialty. RNs can expect to make up to one-third of their current salary in Mexico. An example of a hospital with high demand for RNs is the American British Cowdray Hospital and Medical Center.

Occupational travel home health RN jobs in Mexico are often a great way to travel while also earning a decent salary. While there are few travel nurse opportunities in Mexico, MO, you can find many in neighboring cities. These cities offer a high pay rate and excellent benefits.

Labor & Delivery

Travel nurses are needed for various medical and nursing jobs, including Labor & Delivery. Travel nurses will provide patient care in hospitals, clinics, and other medical settings. The average pay for travel nurses is $2106 per week, with higher-paying positions available. Some parts may require more experience, including pediatrics and emergency rooms.


If you are interested in Hospice travel home health nurse jobs in New Mexico, you can find many different positions in various settings. The Holy Cross Hospital in Taos, the Artesia General Hospital in Artesia, the Roosevelt General Hospital in Portales, the Carlsbad Medical Center in Carlsbad, and the Eastern New Mexico Medical Center in Roswell all have departments that need travel nurses.

This work requires understanding geriatric care and working closely with the family and the patient. Hospice care requires a high level of emotional strength and a compassionate approach to helping those in their final days. It provides comfort and cares at the end of life, with no therapy or cure. According to the CDC, there are over 4,000 hospices in the United States.


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