When planning a vacation to Mexico, knowing the safest places to travel is essential. While the country is relatively safe, the crime rate can be high, so you need to be extra cautious. While this is true of any country, Mexico is particularly dangerous in some cities and areas. While there are no known places to avoid altogether, there are a few places to be cautious about.

San Miguel de Allende

The city has a meager crime rate, but you should still be aware of your surroundings. The most common crimes are car break-ins, robberies, and vandalism. You should avoid flashing jewelry or large amounts of cash, and it’s best to use a marked cab or an Uber. Some places have unscrupulous cab drivers who may shortchange tourists.

You can visit the UNESCO-listed historic center, which is the center of the town. It is home to centuries-old architecture. The city has strict rules governing preserving historic structures, so they can’t be remodeled. As a result, the streets are clean and feel like a museum. However, you should avoid driving at night, as the roads are curvy and mountainous.

There are many ways to reach San Miguel de Allende. The nearest airport is in Mexico City, 168 miles away. However, you can take the local bus service if you want to travel in style. Two companies offer first-class bus service in Mexico: Primera Plus and ETN. These companies have several different routes to and from the city center.

The city is home to about 80,000 people. About 20% are foreigners, mainly from the United States and Canada. These people contribute to the local culture and turn the town into a vibrant community.

Oaxaca City

While most of Mexico has a reputation for being unsafe, Oaxaca is one of the safest places in the country to visit. Its tourist attractions are tourist-friendly, and the city is relatively safe. Oaxaca is also a great place for backpackers. The city has a mild winter and spring season, making it an excellent travel time. During the Dia de Los Muertos celebration, Oaxaca is a popular backpacker spot.

Oaxaca City has an impressive array of lodging options for travelers of all budgets. From comfortable hostels to spacious old homes, there is a wide variety to choose from. The city also boasts numerous non-franchise boutique hotels in its historic center.

The city is located outside the earthquake zone and is considered one of the safest places in Mexico for travel. There are plenty of historical sites to visit, and boat trips to the Oaxaca coast are also available. While traveling through Mexico, you should read the latest news about your destination and stay informed of government advisories and government news to ensure you are safe.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest places in Mexico to travel. However, exercising basic safety measures when visiting the area is still a good idea. It is essential to watch out for signs of petty theft or crime, especially if you are traveling alone at night.

It is essential to avoid drugs and scams when visiting Puerto Vallarta. In addition, you should avoid consuming uncooked or raw food. This way, you can avoid risking the health of yourself or others. In addition to avoiding these risks, you should enjoy the city’s many fun activities, such as snorkeling and partying. This means that you can visit Puerto Vallarta and have a great time.

One of the safest places in Mexico to travel is Puerto Vallarta, known for its low crime rate. It is a popular destination for tourists and backpackers alike. It is also home to protected wildlife areas. Most trips are incident-free, thanks to the presence of Mexican National Guards on the streets.

Although the city is a popular tourist destination, you should always be aware of possible scams. Keeping valuables in a locked bag or a home safe is recommended. This will help you avoid being targeted by pickpockets. You should also ensure your bag has secure zip and chest straps. Also, make sure you take official taxis instead of unregistered ones.


One of the safest places to travel in Mexico is Akumal. This small beach town is much safer than other tourist areas like Tulum and Playa del Carmen. In Akumal, crime rates are much lower, and it’s easy to walk the streets at any time of day. However, you should still use common sense when traveling and stay alert to your surroundings.

Besides the beautiful beaches, the area is also home to friendly sea turtles. This is an excellent place to snorkel. Seeing them up close is a great opportunity, but you should respect their space. While snorkeling in Akumal has been suspended since April 2017, this activity is still safe.

While you can easily reach the beach from the hotels, other ways to enjoy it are also available. You can choose between the public beach and the private beach. If you want a luxurious vacation, you can stay at the Secrets Akumal, which has multiple pools, spas, and restaurants. This is an excellent option for families or honeymooners. This resort is conveniently located near the highway and the beach, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Although some people believe Mexico is a hostile place, that is not the case in this region. This place is safe for tourists, and most visitors soon realize that the city has become a safe and fun place to visit.


Manzanillo is one of the safest places in Mexico to travel, thanks partly to the strong police presence. Although foreigners may find this intimidating, it’s not unusual to see dozens of police officers on the streets, in flashing lights, on motorcycles, and in big black and white Dodge Ram trucks. The police also typically carry assault rifles and bulletproof vests.

The city has a climate similar to Puerto Vallarta, comfortable in fall and winter. However, temperatures can soar significantly during the summer and spring months. Due to its environment, the city’s foreign population tends to increase during these times, but the town retains a Mexican vibe.

For health-related concerns, Manzanillo has a wide variety of medical facilities. Doctors and dentists are easily accessible, and many speak English or Spanish. Local optometrists offer eye examinations and other treatments. Additionally, the town is close to major cities like Guadalajara and Colima, which provide additional medical services and health specialists.

Some areas of Mexico are more dangerous than others, so it’s always a good idea to take precautions to avoid them. As long as you’re careful and avoid crowded areas, the country is generally safe to visit.


Mérida has a low crime rate and is one of the safest cities in Mexico to visit. However, you should be aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Stay in the central areas, where there are more people. In addition, you should avoid walking alone on the streets.

The city of Mérida is a popular vacation destination. Its tourist attractions include colonial architecture, great food, and proximity to famous archaeological sites. Despite the city’s relatively safe atmosphere, there is still a high risk of theft or accidents, including pickpockets.

It would help if you also kept a close eye on your belongings. The country is famous for its nightlife, but you should stay in crowded areas and away from deserted areas. Also, be wary of ATMs and empty streets. There are plenty of safety tips for travelers visiting Mérida.

The city of Merida is relatively safe for solo female travelers. If you’re traveling by yourself, be careful with your belongings. It would help if you also were wary of bag snatchers and pickpockets. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel unsure, call the local police station to get help.

If you’re looking for the most affordable and safest cities to travel in, Mérida might be the right place for you. The city is also one of the prettiest colonial cities in Mexico. It is located on the Yucatan peninsula and is just two hours away. The vibe is Old World meets New World.


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