If you are considering a trip to Mexico in December 2021, here are some tips to make your trip a safe one. Before you travel, make sure you understand the entry requirements and follow safety guidelines. You can also stay safe by using registered cabs instead of public transport. Also, you should never leave food or drink unattended. Avoid drug use and stay away from shady areas. Finally, make it appear as if you’re not traveling alone.

Covid-19 monitoring system

Mexico is currently classified as Level 3, a high travel risk, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Travelers should be fully vaccinated before leaving the United States, and those who do not have a recent vaccination should stay away from Mexico entirely. CDC’s classification is based on data obtained from official sources, such as cumulative new cases, test-to-case ratios, and health screening rates.

Crime in Mexico is widespread, including murders, kidnapping, and robberies. The Covid-19 monitoring system is in effect in many destinations, but these measures are not enough to discourage criminal activity. There are also a high number of drug cartels operating in the country, and conflicts between them are common.

While Mexico is not on the highest terrorist threat list, the risk of terrorist attacks is still a possibility. It is still possible for terrorists to attack civilian targets, such as expatriate or tourist destinations. In Mexico, a low threat level does not mean that it is not safe to travel there in December 2021.

Coronavirus concerns

The CDC and the State Department have issued travel advisories for Mexico due to coronavirus concerns. While this advisory is not as strict as a Level 3 warning, travelers should still consider the risk. The CDC and State Department have a webpage that outlines information about travel advisories for specific countries, so check those before you book your trip.

While cases of Coronavirus remain high in many parts of the world, travel is still the main factor in spreading the disease. The most effective way to combat transmission of the disease is to avoid travel altogether. However, travel to Mexico is still possible if you have a negative Covid test. If you are worried, you can check with the US Embassy to see if the country is open to travelers. While you don’t need to have a PCR test to enter the country, many hotels will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire.

If you’re traveling to Mexico in December, you should take a vaccine against the virus. Although the virus is not life-threatening, you must still have a booster shot to protect against the disease. The new batch of vaccines was announced Tuesday by the Mexican Federal health authorities. You’ll need to have received your vaccination six months prior to your trip.

Despite the precautionary measures, there’s no guarantee that you’ll avoid contracting the disease. The risk of a drug-related attack is still high in Mexico, and it’s important to be wary. The government is making efforts to protect tourist destinations. In fact, many of the most popular areas are protected by dedicated police.

Crime and kidnapping risk

The risk of kidnapping and crime in Mexico remains high, particularly in tourist areas. Drug cartels and other criminal groups are prevalent in the country and foreigners should avoid political activities and nighttime travel outside of major cities. There is also a high risk of extortion. Foreigners should also keep their money safe by using an ATM only in public places.

Crime and kidnapping incidents in Mexico are frequent and can range from petty crimes to larger scale crimes. Travelers should be aware that illegal roadblocks are common in Mexico and that heavily armed gangs have attacked highways. The criminals typically target full-size pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. Criminals may also target travelers who travel in taxis or by public transportation. Moreover, checkpoints may be frequent and the military may search vehicles for drugs and firearms. Travelers should also take extra care when using public transportation in Mexico, especially in major cities.

Mexico has also faced attacks and harassment by human rights defenders and journalists. According to Reporters Without Borders, Mexico is among the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. The number of journalists murdered in Mexico is comparable to those in war zones. In December 2021, Mexican journalists were killed in five cases.

In November, the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances visited Mexico. In a report, the committee stated that the problem of disappearances is “immense”. The committee also called on the authorities to fight structural impunity and ensure better coordination between government ministries. Meanwhile, the death of Salvadoran refugee Victoria Salazar, 25, was condemned by several UN bodies and human rights organizations.

Entry requirements

Beginning in December 2021, entry requirements for Mexican citizens have changed. Travelers will no longer have to show proof of vaccination or undergo a COVID-19 test before traveling to Mexico. However, health screening procedures are still in place. Passengers arriving at Mexican airports may undergo a health check and temperature check. Those who do not have the necessary vaccinations may be quarantined and face a long delay.

Passport holders may need to submit a travel document that contains the required information. Travel documents must be valid for the duration of your stay. If you plan to spend a considerable amount of time in Mexico, you may need to get a new passport. The length of validity of a passport varies, and the government cannot guarantee that a traveler will be admitted to another country. For this reason, you must consult the relevant government departments before travelling to Mexico.

Tourists entering Mexico must have a tourist card. Not having one could result in a fine, detention, or even expulsion. Those traveling by air should have a tourist card provided by the airline, but land travelers must obtain one at the border. Tourists can also request a tourist card online before travel. To request a tourist card, fill out a form and present it at the port of entry.

For Venezuelans, this new visa requirement makes travel to Mexico more difficult, and the new entry requirements are also a deterrent to migration. Despite the new entry requirements, more Venezuelans are now arriving in Mexico on foot, where they present their asylum cases.

Common-sense rules for traveling to Mexico

If you plan to visit Mexico in December 2021, there are some common-sense rules that you must follow to keep your safety in mind. For instance, it is important to carry at least two credit cards. You should also keep track of your credit card transactions online. It is also important to let your card issuer know that you are traveling. This will help avoid having your account frozen. Additionally, you should avoid flashing large amounts of cash in public.

As a precaution, you should make sure you have the necessary vaccinations and boosters before traveling to Mexico. Health officials advise travelers to avoid traveling to Mexico without these vaccines or boosters. You can also get a Covid test to make sure you’re not infected with the virus. However, you should know that it is possible that you’ll be screened for the disease on arrival at the Mexican border.

During your trip, always keep your belongings in a safe place. Be aware of pickpockets and don’t let them touch your belongings. If you’re unfortunate enough to get robbed, file a formal complaint with the authorities. Likewise, you should avoid drug use and shady areas. In addition, make sure you don’t drink too much water, because water in Mexico can be quite hot.

In addition to following the rules above, you should also keep an eye out for any travel warnings. While Mexico was never closed to foreign tourists during the recent pandemic, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any possible changes. For example, it’s still possible to fly to Mexico in December 2021, even if the country has not been declared a “bad” place for travelers.

Recommendations for traveling to Mexico with kids

Traveling to Mexico with children can be a safe experience. While there are certain unsafe areas, the majority of the country is fairly safe for families. There are many all-inclusive resorts that cater to families and offer amenities like a kids club. The downside is that these resorts don’t have much in terms of local culture or safety. However, if you plan on traveling to Mexico with kids, be sure to pack a variety of health-related items.

Bring comfortable shoes for both you and your kids. If your child is learning to walk, consider using a backpack carrier to keep them safe. You can also purchase a stroller that is lightweight and foldable. Be sure to keep an eye on the road conditions, as some cities in Mexico are not very safe for strollers.

December is peak holiday season in Mexico, which means you can expect big celebrations and high season crowds. Some highlights include visiting the MUSA underwater museum and experiencing the city’s famous bull sharks. You can also enjoy dolphin and manta ray shows.

Mexico City is a great destination for families. The country has beautiful beaches, natural landscapes, and a rich history. Families can explore colonial towns, hike through ancient ruins, or kayak through mangroves. And, they can do all of this in just one day.


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