There are several important factors to consider when traveling in Cancun Mexico. These factors include safety, cost, and legality. You should also be aware of the dangers of driving late at night. The crime rate is on the rise in Cancun and throughout the country, so you should avoid traveling in certain areas at night.


When traveling to Cancun, Mexico, be sure to practice safe behavior. The State Department advises travelers to stay vigilant and to only use toll roads. They also warn travelers not to travel alone and to avoid walking around in the night. They recommend steering clear of people wearing flashy clothing and jewelry and to use extreme caution when using ATM machines. You can also enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, which will help you easily find help if something goes wrong.

While you may be tempted to ignore the warnings, following the official travel advisories will help you stay safe. Local authorities have made tourist safety a priority. Also, it’s a good idea to buy a travel insurance policy that covers Latin America. World Nomads Insurance can provide comprehensive coverage when traveling in the region.

Despite the high number of tourists, Cancun is not without crime. The murder of an American tourist in Playa del Carmen in January 2022 has caused many Americans to question their safety. Another example is the shooting of a German tourist and a California travel blogger. Those attacks and several others have prompted the Mexican government to increase the security level of tourist zones in Cancun.

Travelers can request taxis from hoteliers. However, it is important to remember that not all taxis follow a meter. Uber is also available in Cancun, and many of its drivers work under the radar. Despite this, U.S. citizens should be cautious in the downtown area of the city.

Women should use common sense and pay attention to their instincts when traveling to this popular destination. They should only accept drinks from people they know or trust, and should never drink alcohol by themselves. If they feel sick, they should seek medical attention or alert the staff to the problem.


When planning your vacation, be prepared for the expenses. The costs of accommodations in Cancun, Mexico, vary greatly. You can stay in a luxury resort for thousands of dollars a night, or find a room at a hostel for less than $10 a night. Even one campground can be pricey, but there are still ways to stay within your budget.

You can find cheap accommodations in Cancun by using Airbnb. Typically, rooms cost less than hotels, and you can even rent them for as little as $40. Just be sure to bargain well! During the off-season, prices are at their lowest. Be prepared to bargain a bit, especially for airfare and accommodations.

Food in Cancun is cheap and delicious, but you can save money by eating in local restaurants instead of in tourist areas. You can also pay in pesos instead of dollars and eat authentic Mexican food. It is also important to book activities and tours in advance in order to save money.

A typical trip to Cancun costs about $100 per person per day, and this does not include the cost of airfare. A luxury vacation can cost over $100 a day, and that’s not including meals. Also, don’t forget about the occupancy tax. It’s 16% of the total cost.

Another way to save money on transportation is by using public buses. Cancun is home to several bus lines. Most buses run frequently, and can take you to nearby attractions. These buses will even take you to other parts of the Yucatan Peninsula. ADO’s website even allows you to book buses online.


Travelers to Cancun should be aware of the dangers of drugs. The state of Quintana Roo is cracking down on drug use and has asked tourists to sign a Drug Law Awareness Agreement. The state has seen a spike in drug use during the spring vacation season, and is targeting European and U.S. visitors as the biggest culprits. Hotels in the area are preparing for the problem in advance, and have started requiring guests to sign the document.

The State Department of Tourism warns travelers to be aware of crime in Cancun and surrounding areas. Visitors are encouraged to stick to the toll roads, to avoid driving at night and to avoid being alone. It is also important to be extra vigilant when approaching ATMs and banks and to keep all valuables in a safe place.

It is also important to carry your passport books, even if you are not traveling by air. Passports must be valid at the time of entry into Mexico, although some airlines require passports to be valid for several months beyond the date of entry. Likewise, if you’re driving into the region, you’ll need to obtain a Forma Migratoria Multiple at the border. The form is free and can be obtained from travel agents or at the ports of entry.

Despite the safety of the country, criminal activity and kidnappings in Mexico continue to be a serious issue. While COVID-19 preventative measures are in effect in some destinations, they do little to deter criminal activity. Furthermore, drug cartels are active, and there are frequent conflicts between rival groups.

Isla Mujeres

There are several reasons to visit the island of Isla Mujeres. There are no walls and you can only enter it through a glass bottom boat. This is a great place to see a variety of marine life and you can get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. There is also a museum on the island, the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA). Visitors can enjoy over 500 sculptures, many of them underwater. The artist Jason deCaires Taylor created the artwork for the museum. In 2009, the museum was inaugurated. The goal was to attract more tourists to the island and protect the marine life.

The island is small enough to be visited in a day. If you want to see more of the island, you can rent a bicycle. Renting a bike will cost you about $10 USD and you can get a lock for your bike. The bikes can get you to the southern part of the island in about an hour. However, you must return them on time.

Besides the beach, Isla Mujeres also has many activities for tourists to enjoy. There are water slides and kayaking, as well as an amazing rope swing and climbing wall. And you won’t want to miss the restaurants and bars downtown. At night, you’ll find live music filling the streets and restaurants.

You’ll also find boutiques and souvenir stores in the island. The Galeria de Arte Mexicano is a great place to purchase silver jewelry. The prices here are great, and you can also buy Talavera pottery.

Legal prostitution

Legal prostitution is a major industry in Cancun, Mexico. However, it is difficult to differentiate between legal prostitution and coerced labor. While the government has conducted raids in several venues in the city, no arrests have been made and the establishments have not been closed. Investigators found no evidence that the businesses were violating local laws. The women working in the establishments were mostly Mexicans and held legal papers.

The debate over legalizing prostitution is polarizing in different circles, with some anti-slavery groups claiming that decriminalizing it would be a cover for human trafficking. Others, however, say that decriminalizing prostitution would allow sex workers to get better access to health services, including STD screenings.

However, prostitution has become more popular as the Mexican government has made it easier for tourists to find a prostitute. It is legal in some Mexican states, including Yucatan, though some counties have banned the activity. In fact, it was previously legal in Mexico before the Zika pandemic. However, the pandemic forced the Mexican government to suspend the economy in March and many non-essential businesses were shut down.

Legal prostitution in Cancun, Mexico is a common activity in Cancun. The city has a high proportion of sex workers, which makes the city a popular destination for tourists. However, the police presence is still high, and tourists are safe. A good way to protect yourself from being victimized by illegal prostitution is to avoid the main resort area.

Legal prostitution is illegal in many areas of Mexico, and the police have taken steps to curb it. Many of the prostitutes in Mexico were brought to the city from poor neighborhoods by pimps. In some cases, multiple members of a family banded together to work around childcare needs. Despite the legality of the activity, the women in these areas were often treated like second-class citizens.


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