How to Find a Travel Agent in Mexico

November 3, 2022 0 Comments

If you plan a trip to Mexico, it is wise to find a travel agent specializing in this country. The websites listed below can help you find a local specialist. You can tailor your trip with a local expert to suit your preferences and needs. The sites aim to make your trip as personalized as possible.

Journey Mexico

Journey Mexico is a multi-award-winning luxury travel agency specializing in tailor-made tours to Mexico. Its reputation has been built around delivering authentic private experiences, which offer insider access to the country’s rich culture and vast nature. Their trips include various activities, from world-class active adventures to cultural immersion.

Journey Mexico’s expert insider knowledge and extensive range of luxury accommodations allow you to make the most of your vacation in Mexico. Experience a rich blend of culture and history, from deserted beaches to the vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolis. You’ll find diverse landscapes, from the Caribbean coast to the rustic Pacific shores of the Baja California Peninsula, including spectacular marine life.


Nathan Baker is a travel agent based in San Diego, California. Originally from Mexico City, Baker has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years. He now runs his travel agency, Wdi Travel, Inc., with clients in the United States and Mexico.


After a career as a travel agent, Greg Buzulencia founded ViaHero to connect travelers with locals. Unlike traditional travel agents, locals are not paid commissions for their services. They get most of the fee a traveler pays them for a day’s worth of benefits. ViaHero receives a small cut of that fee.

The company matches travelers with locals in many destinations, including Puerto Rico, Cuba, Japan, Mexico City, and New York. For a fee, ViaHero provides a personalized travel guidebook, airport transfers, and links to local activities and booking services. Guests also receive unlimited correspondence with their Hero on the ground.

Unlike traditional travel agents, ViaHero connects travelers with local “Heroes” in the destination. They match travelers with guides with the same interests as the travelers. ViaHero Heroes also provide personalized travel plans that save travel time and money. Their local expertise will make it easy to plan your itinerary, choose the best hotels, and choose the best activities to fit your schedule.

ViaHero’s service has a large community of satisfied clients. Before booking your trip, check to ensure that ViaHero’s service is available at the destination of your choice. If it is, select the local Hero and explain your travel preferences. Once your Hero has confirmed your travel preferences, you can start chatting with them and planning your trip.

ViaHero connects travelers to locals in their destination, allowing them to spend more money on local attractions, restaurants, and BnBs while on their trip. This is especially useful if you want to visit remote and inaccessible locations. Itineraries created by ViaHero are often thorough and helpful, and the service ensures an unforgettable trip.

The ViaHero platform is a peer-to-peer network connecting travelers with local experts. Its mission is to match travelers with local experts who will alleviate the uncertainty and unease of traveling abroad. With a ViaHero membership, travelers can access their local Hero for as long as needed.

As an American, travel restrictions in Cuba were eased in 2017 and reinstated in 2019. Self-travel or a guided tour is still legal and viable. ViaHero helps travelers plan legally and experience authentic experiences in Cuba. There are also 12 visas for Americans to visit the country, allowing travelers to self-guide or travel independently.

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