There are several places to visit in Mexico. The capital city, Mexico City, has many museums and restaurants, but you can also go to coastal towns such as Tulum and Old Mazatlan. These coastal towns have beautiful beaches. The beaches in Ixtapa are lovely. You can spend a week or a month exploring these destinations.

Old Mazatlan

During your vacation in Mexico, explore the Old Mazatlan Historic District, which is home to many beloved sites. While there, take the time to hike up to the city’s lighthouse for a beautiful view of the beaches, lively districts, and harbors. This hike can take an hour or longer but is well worth it for the breathtaking panorama of the city.

Old Mazatlan has plenty of history to explore, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy while you’re there. You can spend your mornings touring the city’s historical landmarks, relaxing on the beach, and sampling the local cuisine. No matter what you’re looking for, you will find an exciting vacation in Mazatlan. Just make sure to plan and ensure your safety, too.

Old Mazatlan is home to several museums and galleries and has an incredibly diverse culture. If you love art, you’ll want to spend some time admiring the artwork and architecture in this area. This historic district resembles European “Old Cities” and features museums, galleries, and cafes.

You can take a boat tour from Old Mazatlan to the nearby islands of Isla de las Piedras, where you can spend some time on the beach. You’ll also find a variety of local shopping along the coast. Shoppers sell handmade goods, t-shirts, and souvenirs in a laid-back atmosphere.


Traveling through Oaxaca is easy, especially if you’re coming from afar. Most of the historic center is walkable, and plenty of taxis are available if you want to travel further. The city has an excellent public transportation system, including colectivos (buses) and local buses. You can also rent a car, though it can be expensive. It would help if you also considered getting a guide for the city.

If you want to see everything, spending at least three days in Oaxaca is best. This allows you to experience the city’s highlights and take day trips to distilleries or the Monte Alban archeological site. However, if you’re planning a more extended trip to Oaxaca, you’ll want to stay a whole week, allowing you to get to know the city and take your time. You can even take a ten or 14-day trip, which includes time on the beach and the opportunity to relax.

If you’re a history buff, you’ll want to visit the Oaxaca Museum of History in a centuries-old monastery. It features artifacts from the pre-Columbian period through the Spanish Conquest. Be prepared to spend some cash, as the museum prices can be high compared to the rest of Mexico.

If you’re traveling from Mexico City, you can easily hop on a bus that will take you to Oaxaca, which costs about USD 35 and takes eight hours. Alternatively, you can take a plane to Oaxaca for USD 55. The journey is relatively safe, as Oaxaca is one of the safest states in the country. Oaxaca City, the 67th-largest city in Mexico, still retains a pueblo-like feel.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, located on the Yucatan Peninsula, is a charming beach destination offering much more than the typical vacation experience. Known for its colorful streets, stunning natural scenery, and mind-blowing history, this coastal town has a lot to offer. Once a sleepy fishing village, Playa del Carmen has transformed into a vibrant tourist destination. Now, it’s a place where you can spend endless days at the beach.

Playa del Carmen has an abundance of places to stay. You can choose from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious colonial-style inns. While beachfront accommodation is abundant, prices are higher near the water and Centro district.

Playa del Carmen is safe, although you should still be aware of your surroundings. It’s best to stay in the more populated areas and avoid secluded areas. One of the main attractions is the La Quinta Avenida, a five-mile shopping strip. This stretch of coastline features many small stalls, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

The Mayan ruins of Tulum are another must-see attraction in this resort town. These are well-preserved despite being more than 800 years old. The walls of this ancient walled city are still intact, and you can even see iguanas on the ruins.


Zacatecas is a city in central Mexico that was an important silver mining city in the sixteenth century. You can tour the old silver mines by underground train. You can also see antique mining machinery and rock formations. The city’s rich history is also evident in the ornate churches and colonial buildings, including the Palacio de Gobierno Estatal (Estatal Government Palace), which are built of pink stone and ornate wrought iron.

Zacatecas is one of Mexico’s safest cities, meaning you can feel secure while walking the streets and taking pictures. The city is also home to numerous museums and attractions, which are cheap to visit. You can even justify your admission to a museum if you have a vague curiosity. You can also take a cable car ride through the city. The ride takes you over two hundred feet in elevation, and the views from the top are incredible.

Zacatecas is also a world heritage site, with numerous historical sites and impressive buildings. The city has a beautiful lifestyle and is a wonderful place to explore. The city is known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and charming people. There are numerous places to visit, from ancient to modern and from fun to comfort.


Guanajuato is an excellent place to start if you want to see a vibrant city. The city is well-designed and has many plazas and alleyways to walk around. It also has colorful buildings and underground tunnels. It is a great place to eat local food and a fun place to shop.

The city is also home to one of the most significant buildings in the country, the Guanajuato Miners Building. This historic building, constructed by area miners in the late 1800s, is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. It is a place where the past can be seen and celebrated. The mummies of Guanajuato are also a popular attraction in the city.

Guanajuato is the place to go if you are an art lover. The city has a beautiful museum of Diego Rivera’s artwork housed in his birthplace. The museum has some of the artist’s lesser-known pieces and some of his more famous ones. The museum also features a small bookshop where you can buy souvenirs and guidebooks.

The city is also home to some of the country’s oldest European settlements. Many of these are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its colonial town has Neo-Gothic churches and narrow, winding streets.


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