If you are looking for an allied health travel job in New Mexico, you’ve come to the right place. The state offers breathtaking scenery, pleasant weather, and a unique indigenous culture. As an allied health professional, you can work as a physician assistant, nurse, or other healthcare professional and enjoy competitive salaries while traveling to the most diverse and beautiful locations. You’ll get to meet other allied health professionals, network with peers, and even enjoy a little downtime in your free time.

Allied health positions in New Mexico

With its beautiful scenery, mild weather, and indigenous culture, New Mexico is an inspiring place to live. Allied health professionals can work and earn competitive wages in the state. These jobs can allow you to travel the state and explore its diverse culture on your days off. Plus, these positions allow you to network with other allied health professionals while you work.

There are several types of allied health travel positions in New Mexico. As an example, a Speech-Language Pathologist earns about $1,600 per week nationally. In New Mexico, however, SLPs can earn up to $1,850 per week. A CT Tech can earn up to $2,700 a week if they’re travelling. This kind of money can easily add up over several weeks, so if you’re looking for an allied health travel job in New Mexico, check out your options today.

Average weekly salary for a travel allied health professional in New Mexico

A travel allied health job in New Mexico can offer a great pay rate. While the national average for speech-language pathologists is around $1,600 per week, an SLP traveling in New Mexico can earn as much as $2,700 per week. Other high-paying positions include CT techs, which can earn anywhere from $2,000 to $2,700 per week.

New Mexico offers breath-taking scenery, beautiful weather, and a vibrant indigenous culture. Working in New Mexico can be rewarding for allied health professionals because they earn competitive salaries, network with fellow professionals, and have time for fun activities on their days off. In addition to competitive wages, a travel allied health job in New Mexico can help a travel nurse or allied health professional boost their income.

Benefits of working with Med Travelers

The benefits of working with Med Travelers for allied healthcare travel jobs in Mexico include competitive salaries, free housing, and professional development. The company’s recruiters are knowledgeable and friendly. They are also happy to provide career assistance and guidance. The company has a strong reputation for providing highly qualified staff with quality travel job placements.

Med Travelers is a leading staffing network in the allied health field. In addition to its large database of opportunities, it offers paid housing, full health benefits, and retirement plans. For those looking for allied health travel jobs in Mexico, Med Travelers is the best option.

As a leading travel allied staffing company, Med Travelers has developed exclusive partnerships with top healthcare facilities across Mexico. This makes it easier for travelers to find reputable facilities and increase their chances of being hired again. In addition, exclusive facilities help reduce the time required for interviewing and rebooking assignments.


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